5 Appliances we DITCHED When We Went Off Grid

When we made the decision to go off grid, we knew we’d need to make a few adjustments. It was a given that we’d need to be more conscious of our power consumption, so we decided to say ‘adios’ to a few appliances.

We opted out of the first three appliances on this list immediately upon moving, but the last two were only eliminated during the last six months due to a little bit of a dependency issue.

But, we did it! And if you choose to, so can you.

Ditched Appliance: Dishwasher

Yeah, you heard me. The first to go was the dishwasher. Dishwashers are a huge waste of power and water. Moving to an off grid property with a well meant the dishwasher needed to go.

The Alternative:

Washing dishes by hand. It sounds primitive, but I swear, the dishes will be cleaner, your hands will be softer, and hey, no spotty glasses! A bonus of hand washing dishes is that nobody wants to help you, so you get some alone time, too! Hooray!

Not the kids’ favourite chore ever, but it has to get done!

Ditched Appliance: Microwave

Before ‘off grid’ was on our radar, I loved my microwave. We reheated left overs, steamed veggies, popped popcorn and made mug cakes! It was definitely convenient, but the microwave was an easy choice for the second appliance to be axed.

The Alternative:

Now, we reheat our left overs in the oven or on the stove top. We steam veggies in a pot. We make popcorn in a popcorn maker, and we make actual cakes in the oven. It was hard to wrap my mind around not having that ability to instantly reheat something, but honestly, I adjusted quickly.

Ditched Appliance: Dryer

Leaving the dryer behind was worse than the dishwasher and microwave combined. A tiny bit of my soul dies every winter that we inevitably have to do laundry without a dryer. I’m not exaggerating.

The Alternative: Clothesline

In the summer, line drying your laundry is pretty therapeutic. Even if you aren’t ready to give up your dryer completely, I highly suggest you install a clothesline and line dry your laundry for at least one summer.

No dryer sheet will ever make your clothes smell as wonderful as a t-shirt dried in a summer breeze!

Tip: If you find your clothes are stiff after a line dry, try ‘snapping’ them before hanging them.

Laundry fresh off the line smells so fresh!

Ditched Appliance: Keurig

Coffee is pretty much my favourite part of the morning. Going without coffee or drinking instant coffee simply wasn’t an option for me, so before we’d ironed out an alternative, the Keurig stuck around.

The Alternative: Manual Coffee Maker

Whether you choose to use a French Press or a ‘pour-over coffeemaker’ like we use, the taste is far more superior to the stale bullshit you brew in even the cleanest of coffee pots.

Obviously these methods take a little longer than an on-demand brewing system, but they don’t use any electricity at all, and hey, the resulting coffee is worth the wait!

Don’t mess with this Farmgirl’s coffee!

Ditched Appliance: Crockpot

Okay, so in this instance, we didn’t really give up the appliance in question. Since we used the Crockpot all the time, we needed an alternative that gave us the same yummy slow cooked goodness that we got from the Crockpot.

The Alternative: Instant Pot

Maybe it sounds like a lateral move to go from a Crockpot to an Instant Pot, but actually, the Instant Pot uses slightly less power than the Crockpot uses and it cooks in a fraction of the time.

We made frozen to falling-off-the-bone-tender-pork-ribs in the Instant Pot with a homemade sauce in half an hour. Well, plus a little prep–but it still beats 8 hours in a Crockpot, right?

When we made the decision to go off grid we wanted to cut back on our electrical needs, but it was never in the plans to live like Neanderthals.

Other appliances you can limit or cut out:
– Blow dryer
– Curling iron, hair straightener
– Electric heating pad
– Electric griddle
– Air conditioner

4 Replies to “5 Appliances we DITCHED When We Went Off Grid”

  1. we also ditched our dishwasher, Keurig (use a pour over and french press!) and we installed a clothes line last year!!! We also turn the head of in May and with luck keep it off until the end of Oct. by using the “put on socks and a hoodie/extra blanket” philosophy. Everyone sleeps way better!

  2. Nice article. I have a clothes dryer but I refuse to use it for anything except underwear. It seems silly to run it when the clothes do better being hung to dry. As I live in a condo with no clothesline I hang them all over the house. There are just two of us now so it’s not a big deal. As for the coffeepot, never. I have given up my Kerig but my Mr. Coffee is my therapist. Best of luck on the blog. Check mine out at http://www.retiredandreadytoroll.com.

    1. Our living room and dining room looks like a tent city during the cold months of the year when we have to hang our laundry up, and honestly, that part drives me a little batty, but I love hanging my clothes out on the line when it’s warm! There’s something so satisfying and peaceful about it. As for coffee, coffee is life! I couldn’t give it up completely, but I still get my 2 cups in the morning with my pour over and it always tastes fresh.

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