Covid-19: 100 Ways To Stay Sane While Staying Inside

We all know staying home is in the best interest of everyone, but let’s face it–this new normal can get a wee bit monotonous and it’s only natural for us to get a little stir crazy.

I wracked my brain (and got some suggestions from my amazing mom) in order to put together this list of 100 things to keep you occupied during self isolation. (Hopefully you’ll have found this list before resorting to counting your ceiling tiles.)

If you have other suggestions not listed here, please write them in the comments so that others’ can benefit from your ideas! Who knows–maybe you’ll find a new idea, too.

With The Kids

  1. Camp out in the living room. One of my favourite memories of being a child is when my mom set up a giant ‘bed’ in our living room on 90210 night and we would all camp out together on the floor. So drag out those quilts, mound up those pillows, and get cozy! (Pro Tip: Take your living room camp out to the next level by setting up a tent or using twinkle lights or candles!)

2. Have a family movie night.

3. Play a board game.

4. Make an ‘A Day In The Life’. What better time than now to capture the daily activities of your household and document it all in a scrapbook, photo book, or online album?

5. Go over your ‘In Case of Emergency’ plan with your children.

6. Make a family Youtube Playlist. This has been a total hit in our household! Simply open Youtube up on a TV and have everyone sync their device to it, then take turns creating a playlist of music or funny videos by adding them to the queue. (Pro tip: If your children don’t have their own device, simply take turns adding the videos from your smartphone or tablet.)

7. Spoil your dogs. Make one day all about your fur babies! Bathe them, groom them, give them extra snuggles. Do all the things your dogs love. They probably won’t know that anything is different, but you’ll know.

Everyone loves snuggling their dog!

8. Spend one-on-one time with your family members.

9. Pull out the Lego and build together.

10. Make a board game specific to your family. Print out a little photo of each member of your family to use as the game pieces you’ll move around the custom board you create together. This is a great opportunity to get silly and let your creative juices flow!

11. Have a fashion show.

12. Spend time by a fire. If you have an indoor fireplace or you can get outside and light a bonfire, great! If neither of those are options, there’s a plethora of fireplace videos on Youtube!

Having a fire has always been therapeutic to me.

13. Build a blanket fort.

14. Make a scavenger hunt around the house and yard.

15. Play Jackbox. If your kids are older, Jackbox can be a lot of fun! The game is played online as a group by syncing one device per player and can be as PG as you want it to be. Alternately, because it doesn’t filter out swear words or slang, it can be entertaining for older crowds, too.

16. Go on a scenic drive. You can pass go and you can collect $200. Just stay in the car.

For The Soul

17. Revisit a favourite book.

18. Revisit the past. Take a trip down memory lane by watching old family videos and flipping through photo albums.

19. Wake up with the dawn.

20. Be thankful. Take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life.

21. Marathon an old favourite TV show.

22. Disconnect. Turn off your electronics and take the time to be present in the moment.

Playing an instrument or pulling out a sketch pad is a great alternative to social media or TV.

23. Meditate.

24. Watch the stars.

In The Kitchen

25. Cook or bake something new.

26. Have a fancy meal. Pull out the crystal napkin rings and the good china, cook something special, and eat by candlelight. Your kids will love the change of pace, or if you are quarantining with your partner, well, you know.

27. Make comfort food.

28. Make sourdough starter.

29. Get creative with leftovers. Did you know that anything from carrot tops, to celery stumps, to onion and garlic peels–you name it–can be frozen in a larger freezer bag or container and then later simmered to make broth? If you add a chicken carcass or other bones, even better! Beyond that, last night’s mashed potatoes can become mouth-watering potato pancakes, while left over baked potatoes are the main ingredient in Loaded Baked Potato Soup. With all of the empty shelves in grocery stores and limited trips in to public, finding creative ways to use up every last bit of your food is more important than ever.

30. Enjoy a cup of tea.

On The Internet

31. Do a social media purge. Leaving platforms you no longer use is easy, but removing people, groups and pages you don’t enjoy can be a little overwhelming, not to mention time consuming. If you’re on the fence about an Instagram friend or Facebook group, simply move on. You can always revisit the idea later when you’ve had time to think about it. Personally, I do three or four purges in a row–with obvious choices being removed during the first round–and then I dive in deeper as I find my rhythm. (Pro Tip: It’s not uncommon to feel ‘bad’ when cleaning up your social media, but remember you want to enjoy yourself while you’re logged in. If a group causes you to eye roll every time you’re there, maybe you should ditch it.)

32. Shop online for something you’ve wanted for a long time.

33. Participate in a monthly challenge. Photography Challenges are abundant on Instagram, but if that’s not your cup of tea, simply Google ‘monthly challenge’ to see what other options are out there.

34. Binge watch a new show on Netflix.

35. Order family ‘yearbooks’. Admittedly, this one has been on my list for about a decade. I plan to order a photo book for each year! (If you have suggestions for high quality photo book websites, let me know in the comments!)

36. Explore with Google Earth.

37. Clean up your email inbox.

38. Youtube bloopers of your favourite shows. Bloopers and behind the scenes footage legit helped me heal from certain events that unfolded on ‘The Walking Dead’, but beyond that, they’re simply entertaining.

39. Make Youtube playlists. (Not to be mistaken with adding videos to a family queue as mentioned above, this is in reference to saving videos to your personal Youtube account.) For example, music based on your current mood, recipes you want to try, or even a compilation of videos from your favourite comedic Youtubers such as imomsohard or imbrandonfarris that you can revisit later.

40. Start a meme war.

41. Watch a trashy reality show. If you need a suggestion, I liked ‘The Circle USA’, but it doesn’t get much trashier than ‘Love Is Blind’. (Pro tip: Make sure you have a pencil or other sharp object to jam in to your ear when Jessica inevitably becomes too much too bear.)

42. Make some money. Sell your crafts on Etsy, transcribe audio on Rev, or write for Upworks. You probably won’t get rich, but it will help to pass the time.

43. Reevaluate your Youtube subscriptions.

44. Watch interviews with the cast of your favourite shows.

45. Host a digital Netflix party.

46. Take a virtual tour. Many places are offering free online tours right now, including the Winchester Mystery House!

47. Revamp your social media. A new profile picture or bio perhaps?

48. Livestream.

On Your Phone

49. Join Pinterest and make some boards.

50. Join Instagram and post some squares.

51. Declutter your phone.

52. Listen to a podcast.

53. Play a game.

Around The House and Yard

54. Finish a project you set aside.

55. Refresh a room. Wash the walls, baseboards, windows, and floors. If you want to paint, paint! Rearrange everything! It feels so good!

56. Organize something.

57. Wash all of your bedding.

58. Clean behind major appliances.

59. Refinish a piece of furniture.

60. Fix something.

61. Clean out your closets.

62. Purge DVDs and CDs. I have a bit of a DVD obsession. Thankfully, I’ve been collecting these adorable vintage inspired storage binders and it’s helping to save space in my house!

63. ‘Springify’ your house.

64. Clean up your PC.

65. Purge your desk.

66. Update your gallery wall. Order some new photos and art online and fly at it!

67. Clean the yard.

With A Friend

68. Paint with Bob Ross. The happy little trees will be even happier if you Facetime a friend and follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial.

69. Play an online game.

For The Body and Mind

70. Try something new.

71. Stay in your jammies all day.

72. Sleep in.

73. Pamper yourself.

74. Journal your thoughts.

75. Learn a new language.

76. Do a puzzle.

77. Have an afternoon nap.

78. Start a blog.

79. Drink more water.

80. Break a bad habit.

81. Start a good habit.

82. Make a dream board.

83. Get active.

With Your Significant Other

84. Get day drunk.

85. Reconnect.

86. Have sex.

87. Stay in on a staycation.

88. Have a date. Stay in. Get cozy. Cook together, have a living room picnic, watch a romantic movie. Drink some wine by the fire.

89. Talk about the future. It may not be the ideal time to ask your boyfriend ‘where is this going?’, but for tried and true relationships, making plans for the future is a good thing!

While You Have The Time

90. Research your family history.

91. Wash your walls and baseboards. You may be thinking, ‘aint no one got time for that’, but guess what, you have the time now.

For The Future

92. Plan your 2020 garden.

93. Learn a new skill.

94. Start some seeds indoors.

95. Take an online course.

96. Upcycle something.

To Stay Connected

97. Write a letter. You can send it via email or text message, even.

98. Reconnect with a friend.

99. Facetime with family and friends.

100. Check in with a coworker.

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