About Us

Kayla Pembroke, blog author.

Hi Friends!

I’m Kayla, my husband is Dave, and we have four ‘children’. I say children but really only one is still a child. This probably dates me, but we have two teenagers at home still and a young adult off adventuring in Japan.

We’re just a family figuring things out as we go on our off grid homestead in Central Alberta, Canada.

So, what can you expect to find here?

Well, first and foremost, in full disclosure. I swear. Sometimes I swear my ass off, but usually that’s when I stub my toe or something. Beyond that…

I plan to cover everythingthe good, the bad, and the ugly–but, homesteading and life sometimes have other ideas, and working outside the home means time is limited. We want to share the renovations of our 101 year old farmhouse, the garden, food forest, animals. We want to share our DIYs and recipes. We want to share our lives and hopefully inspire others to take the leap into homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Sometimes we kick off grid ass. Sometimes we straight up suck at it. Sometimes we say ‘fuck it’ to our to-do list and light a fire instead and sometimes that leads to us all squishing in to the box of Dave’s truck for an impromptu backyard camp out.

We family hard and we keep it real.

We’re the Pembroke Family! Welcome to our off grid life!