Off Grid Homesteading: Winter

It’s been a hot minute since I posted last, and for that I’m sorry.

Without the seemingly endless parade of outdoor projects that we bang out during the warm months, life on our homestead slows down considerably over the winter. Despite the slow down, my mind got all cluttered up this holiday season, and I needed to take a step back from blogging to regroup and quite simply just be.

But, mama’s back and ready to make 2020 her bitch!

People often ask us what off grid life is like during the Canadian winter. Continue reading “Off Grid Homesteading: Winter”

5 Appliances we DITCHED When We Went Off Grid

When we made the decision to go off grid, we knew we’d need to make a few adjustments. It was a given that we’d need to be more conscious of our power consumption, so we decided to say ‘adios’ to a few appliances.

We opted out of the first three appliances on this list immediately upon moving, but the last two were only eliminated during the last six months due to Continue reading “5 Appliances we DITCHED When We Went Off Grid”